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Whether you are bringing your child and their friends together to celebrate on a summer evening or cosying up during a wintery sparkly night, you’ll see the beauty and magic unfold in our Little Teepees detail.

The centrepiece of your party will be our children's tents, together with our plush and luxurious blankets and cushions providing the ultimate comfortable sleepover. We style our tents with bunting, fairy lights, floor rugs and a tray table.

If you are planning a special birthday or an adventure packed party, we offer the perfect sleepover party packages to suit your child from ages 5 through to 15.

Sleepover themes include: A Night At Hogwarts, Friends, A Night at the Movies, Sweet Dreams, Wild Adventure, Tropical Nights, Dreamy Pastels, Camo Camping, Unicorn Wonderland and Game on!

All Sleepover Packages include:

  • Themed tents in assorted high quality fabrics

  • Blow up mattresses with protectors and fitted cotton sheets

  • Cosy luxurious blankets

  • Luxury scatter cushions

  • Twinkle light sets (battery operated)

  • Breakfast trays

  • Lanterns with battery operated candle

  • Decorative floor rugs

  • Themed garlands

  • Chalkboard name plates for each tent


A Night at Hogwarts

'A Night at Hogwarts' package features various Harry Potter, Hogwarts, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw cushions, Honey Dukes sweet bottle twinkly night lights and luxurious Harry Potter branded soft throws to help any would be wizards have a magical time.


If ever a sleepover had the perfect partner it would surely be Friends. Cosy down for a Friends Marathon.  Watch the gang in action as you laugh at some classic episodes.How you doin'.......

A Night At The Movies

Lights, Camera, Action!! Cosy down, grab your popcorn and press play. Whether its a binge watch of your favourite TV Show or a marathon film extravaganza, our Night at the Movies is the perfect place to be.

Tropical Nights

Settle in for a truly 'Tropical Night' with our flamingo and pineapple overload! Featuring themed lights and accessories. Bring your sunglasses!

Unicorn Wonderland

Some days you just want to hop on a Unicorn and fly somewhere magical! Snuggle down in our Unicorn themed sleepover for the ultimate land of make believe experience.

Sweet Dreams

Our 'Sweet Dreams' package features cloud and star cushions, twinkly night lights and luxurious soft throws to help your dreamy sleepers have an enchanting night time experience.

Dreamy Pastels

Our 'Dreamy Pastels' theme features beautifully relaxing pastel cushions and super soft throws. A must for any girl's night in!  

Game On!

Get your game face on its time for an amazing sleepover! Our Game On theme features gaming themed tent canvasses, cushions and accessories. A must for any serious gamers out there!

Camo Camping

Our 'Camo Camping' theme features Camouflage tent canvasses, wood effect cushions and super soft throws. A truly amazing army hideout!

Wild Adventure

Our 'Wild Adventure' package features Teepees, wilderness vines, night lights and animal themed cushions, Are you ready for the Ultimate Adventure?

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